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Digital Money
Digital Money: I Like the Island of San Juan
Originally driven to Puerto Rico as a refuge from state and federal taxes, blockchain leaders like Michael Terpin and Brock Pierce are making the island home. What impact will the growing crypto community have on the island's uncertain economic future?
High Tech Retail
High Tech Retail: From Clicks to Bricks
Retail is dead; long live retail. Online retailing is harder than many thought. Between "the last mile problem" and those endless "buy and return," online is not always profitable. In the counterintuitive trend of the day, online stores are setting up physical shops and loving it.
VR for Kids: Ready or Not?
Common Sense Media just did an exhaustive look at how kids will be affected by a VR world. Lots of data about who's playing and who (most of them) are not interested quite yet. One bright note is a hope that VR can really teach kids something about empathy.
Wearables : Still All About the Wrist
According to Wareable, 43.6 million smartwatches are estimated to ship in 2018 -- 32.8 percent of the overall wearable market. Traditional watchmakers and technology stalwarts take opposing tacks to win customers in the growing market.
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