News Volume I Issue 7
Living in Digital Times
The CTA Foundation, Facebook as a Meme, Blockchain’s New Movement
The CTA Foundation:
Tech to Benefit Seniors and Disabled
You’re all familiar with CES--the tech show of all tech shows--but many of you may not know about the CTA Foundation, founded in 2012 as part of the Consumer Technology Association. Its mission is to link seniors and people with disabilities to technologies that enhance their lives. I’ve had the pleasure of being on their Board and working beside some of the most generous companies in the tech industry. They donate their time, money and resources to making sure that the benefits of technology are inclusive to an aging and disabled population. If you have a product the Foundation should know about, or you’d like to make a donation, visit the site.
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Blockchain For Adults
It’s looking pretty certain that blockchain will be the new Internet, a place where traditional businesses of all kinds will transform the way that they do business. But if you’re not into the Blockchain Revolution, you might consider the Blockchain Evolution, a less stomach-churning break with the past.

“Most people underestimate the transformational powers of crypto and the blockchain in the short term, but they shouldn’t in the long term,“ said Gregory Keough. Keough is the Chairman of the recently formed Institute for Blockchain Innovation(IBI). Its founding members have a vision of a middle ground on the path to a token economy that Keough calls“slow token cooking.” Spearheaded by executives from Finova, Indiegogo, 500 Startups, Ausum Ventures, and others, the mission is to bridge the gap between the unregulated world of ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) and the regulated world of banking and investments.

One of the group’s first initiatives is to educate the financial community on the benefits of a new class of offering called JOBS Crypto Offering (JCO). JCO’s, according to Keough, have the benefits of ICOs, but with all the necessary regulatory compliance. The JCO, says Keogh, will make it easier for investors to have an equity-linked token that can be traded in cryptocurrency and is also backed by assets in a U.S. corporation. Click here to read more on the JCOs.
Our Story
Attending the TTPM, a fall toy preview in New York City, I noticed an absence of tech-based toys. Drones, robots, IoT toys were almost invisible. I asked TTPM’s Founder, Chris Byrne, if he thought tech toys were in trouble. “Not at all,” he said, “but they’re going to need to learn to be more integrated into natural, organic play patterns.” David Kleeman wrote a great piece on what the toy industry can learn from HQ, the popular online quiz show. A sense of urgency (be here or you’ll miss it) and a quick short break!

We’re also watching closely to see how some cutting edge tech fares over the holidays. Hasbro just announced they’ll be working with the new, low cost Oculus Go to create virtual reality experiences for Boggle, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly beginning in June.
The Meme for What Ails Tech
It can’t be easy being the largest public forum that the world has ever known, but if Mark Zuckerberg’s nose was itching last week, it’s because a barrage of opinion leaders had harsh words for the post Cambridge Analytica- Facebook at Techonomy NY.
“I see a very large company with very little accountability, very little democratic control, and asymmetry of transparency,”
Marc Rotenberg
Executive Director, Electronic Privacy Information Center
“The power is entirely upside down. They have zero liability over the content that goes thru their system but capture all of the value that comes with the data.”
Jason Kint
CEO of Digital Content Next
“Data is being misused and Cambridge is just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook has lost control.”
Eric Hippeau
Lerer Hippeau Ventures
“I think what we’re seeing now is a pattern of a failure of controls that has extended over many years and for which it appears Facebook really has no answer. Data releases that are happening as a result, seem to be putting liberal democracy in peril across the world.”
David Kilpatrick
CEO, Techonomy
But there was a deeper thread. Facebook was in the crosshairs, but somewhat symbolic. The overarching theme was a burgeoning sense of corporate responsibility and purpose. There was also a hefty dose of industry self- loathing. It seems wholly appropriate, in the face of a maturing industry, that corrections are made. You can read more here
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