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Kid Starters, Aging at Work, Blockchain Hall of Fame
Kid Starters at CES 2019
Do you have the best kids product idea since sliced bread, but can't afford the whole loaf of exhibiting? We've got a way for you to show your product on stage to an audience of folks that really matter. Get in touch with us about joining our Kid-Starters showcase at the Kids@Play Summit held at CES in January. We're devoting an hour of programming to get new inventions and creative endeavors that combine toys and tech in front of of toy developers, manufacturers, distributors, educators and journalists.
When: January 10 | Where: Venetian
For inquiries about the selection process and associated costs email Tonda Sellers.
Still Techie After All These Years
As a twenty-something who began her writing career at Ziff Davis Publishing, I figured would last until the seven year itch. More than forty years later, I find myself just as mentally tickled as ever by the creativity, the foibles, the potential and the pitfalls of technology. Forty years ago I wrote that “this (computers) was more than just another hobby like golf or shooting pool. It will change everything about how we work, play and live, creating opportunities we can't even begin to dream about.” That was before the Internet (think Compuserve, Prodigy and AOL) and networks were born. Fast forward to MSNBC's Your Business, where I was asked how people of a certain age stay creative and fresh in a young person's industry. Mix the unbridled enthusiasm of youth with the wisdom that comes from watching an industry mature, and you've got something that looks like this. I hope you'll watch.
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The Hour They First Believed
The New York Times recently published a special section on blockchain and cryptocurrency, To some, that signified the end of good ole days, and to others it serves as the cornerstone of a newly legitimized industry. One section, The Stars of the Blockchain Industry, named 11 key influencers, a mixture of Bitcoin miners like Jihan Wu, Wall Street early adopters like Michael Novogratz, and the 24 year old inventor of the Ethereum coin, Vitalik Buterin. Notably, women were well represented on list with Elizabeth Stark, an egalitarian striving to make Bitcoin blockchain more capable and SEC regulator Valerie A. Szczepanik. But where there are lists, there are list-dissers. Bitcoinist called the list a joke. Over the years at The Digital Money Forum, we've seen our share of A-listers, including: Michael Casey, David Birch, Vinny Lingham, Bobby Lee, Brad Garlinghouse, Patrick Byrne, Matt Roszak and Brock Pierce, to name a few. Which influencers do you want to hear from at The Digital Money Forum? Write us
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Deborah Weinswig
High Tech Retailing Report at CES
Back for Act II, Deborah Weinswig is to retailing what Mary Meeker is to the Internet. She connects the dots and looks at the big picture to identify retail trends around the world. Keep up with her weekly report from Coresight Research, where she is CEO and Founder. And remember to sign up for a spot to attend this year's High-Tech Retailing Summit at CES.
January 8-11, 2019
CES 2019, Las Vegas
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