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2019: The Year of the TIONs
I Went to TrepCamp to Speak, But Learned Instead
Being born with an entrepreneurial spirit is a good start, but it's pretty well studied and defined that there are skills that must be honed for entrepreneurial survival. Accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurial immersions... so many experiences, it's hard to choose. I visited the Class of 2019 at NYU TrepCamp last week and met students from all over the world who are committed to flexing their entrepreneurial muscles. TrepCamp's core belief is that entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned, the same way an athlete learns to compete. I talked about some of the macro trends they'd encountered, but they were down in the nitty gritty with projects ranging from genomic sequencing to social networking games and ways to help distribute food to poverty stricken nations. If you ever doubt that tech can be used for good, or start to wonder if innovation is dead, just look into their eyes!
Friends with books
I'm taking a week off in western Canada, where mountain biking and paddleboarding get the lion's share of attention, but I have managed to catch up on some good reads ––– all of them written by friends of Living in Digital Times. Ken Goldstein's From Nothing is, as he calls it, A Novel of Technology, Bar Music and Redemption. If you've been to CES in Las Vegas, the story will echo true. It chronicles a high-tech guy who makes it big and crashes just as big as the "build to sell guys" do a hostile takeover. A mysterious stranger (and what VC isn't?) finds offers to wrest his company back from ruin, but only if he lays low for awhile. And so, he's he off to Vegas where he rekindles his inner rockstar, playing guitar for a rock' n roll cover band until the dust settles. Goldstein, a true renaissance man, has written numerous books, sits on a number of boards, and was an early managing director of Disney Online and Broderbund Software. Playful, inventive and wicked smart ... here's more on Ken.
Bits to Bitcoin by Marc Stuart Day
If you're looking for a book to take you through the Bitcoin twists, turns and forks, this isn't it, but it is a great beginner's course in how digital stuff works from bits and programming concepts to networking, servers and packet networks. Day takes a cue from Assimov and Neil DeGrasse Tyson by trying to use real world examples to explain digital processes, but the book's scope is too vast to work and the topics don't flow as much as I'd like.

Finally, those of us who've been around for a bit remember Brian Livingston. He was the co-author of 11 Windows Secrets books and a Windows Secrets newsletter, plumbing the depths of Windows arcana. Now he's tackling investing with the same disciplined, investigative approach. His new book, Muscular Portfolios, reveals the secrets of 21st Century investing. It's illustrated as beautifully as any coffee table book, and is based on the current thought in index investing. Due out on October 2, read more about Brian Livingston and the book, Muscular Portfolios.
Heading into CES® 2019 with a frenzy.

On September 1, we'll begin taking applications for The Last Gadget Standing, the best show in Vegas. And we're looking for Young Innovators to win a free trip to Vegas and a stage debut. Find out more about our 2019 events at Living in Digital Times.
For some lighter reading head over to Sarah Cooper's website and pre-order her lastest: How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men's Feelings. When I read her first book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings, I learned what buzzwords to use, and how to pace and nod with maximum effect. By the way, Sarah is an ex-Googler turned comedian and author, so she knows all about meetings and men!
So will we have tech at CES this year? You betcha. But it's going to come with a lot of discussion about how to write the instruction manual for the next 25 years.
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