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Labor Day Reading
Happy Labor Day Weekend! Labor Day, if you recall, was a creation of the labor movement, whose mission helped provide the American worker with job security, benefits and good working conditions. The new gig economy often finds itself in stark opposition to those ideals.The rising costs of benefits, the need to stay globally competitive, and the changing nature of what constitutes a "perk" for a new generation of worker all factor into the equation.
Here's a little Labor Day Reading to prepare you for what's next.
  • How Many Workers are Really Gig Workers? We don't have very good data on how many workers are part of the gig economy. Maybe we're just not counting the right way? (NY Times)
  • Unions had their moment in history helping to decrease the pay gap between executives and workers. What happens next? (Fast Company)
  • Why does Labor Day need a makeover? (Detroit News)
  • And finally, not for nothin’, much of the credit for the Labor Movement goes to fearless and fierce women (Bustle)
CTA, the parent organization of CES, has been rigorously studying the effects that tariff increases will have on the American economy. Looking at just the tariffs imposed on printed circuits and connected devices, CTA study found that the price tag for both manufacturers and consumers would be high. Every day consumer goods like routers, activity trackers, smartwatches and other wireless products will see increases in price for consumers and decreases in sales for manufacturers and producers. CTA members have been actively testifying before the US Trade Representative. We urge you to follow along.
CES 2019
At a Glance
And now, for your commercial break, we're pretty darn excited about the work we're doing with CES this year. I like to use the analogy of the early silk road trade routes that connected East and West when talking about the benefits of being at CES. Traders of various goods marched or rode their camels up and down deserts and mountains, but it was only when they got to the bazaar, where trade flourished, that new ideas and new businesses were created. Check your history books for the litany of ideas in math, literature and arts that flowed from the Silk Road. CES represents that intersection where the trends become evidenced, new alliances are formed, and progress marches on.

This year at CES, Living In Digital Times (LIDT) continues to help companies understand what it means to be a consumer in today's digital world. This year's partner programs include:
Digital Health Summit
Digital Money Forum
Family Tech & Kids@Play Summit
includes KAPi Awards & Best of BabyTech Awards
Fitness and Wearables
High Tech Retailing Summit
Last Gadget Standing Awards
Wearable Tech Summit
Young Innovators to Watch
So will we have tech at CES this year? You betcha. But it's going to come with a lot of discussion about how to write the instruction manual for the next 25 years.
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January 8-11, 2019
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